Information about Pinboard


Welcome to Pinboard

Pinboard is a peer-to-peer social marketplace, providing a global platform for people to learn and teach skills.

Welcome ! We are constantly testing our our product, changing it and fine-tuning it until we get the perfect skill-sharing platform and the service you want!

So in the spirit of sharing, please tell us your thoughts, feedback and user experiences. We want you to help build Pinboard and the skill sharing community.


What is Pinboard?

Pinboard is pretty simple. Find the skill you want to learn on campus, near you or online 

It’s a skill-sharing platform where anyone can share their skills. Members will create their unique profile, post their skill and set a price they are willing to teach it for per hour.

You can choose whatever skill you want to teach. Maths, Physics, Coding, Piano, Guitar, Painting, Photography and anything you can think of!

Joining is easy: sign up and start sharing.

Why use Pinboard?

Ever been in that situation where you’ve been surprised by an upcoming exam or course work deadline and wish you knew a third year or masters student to help tutor you? Pinboard helps you find them.

Is there that that guitar in your room and you need a quick buck? Post your skill on Pinboard and teach them online or on campus

Speak 5 languages, why not teach a few to someone online or near you?

How much should I charge?

£0 - £15/hr and see what happens!

Who can join?

Only students for now and we will continually pour over reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the community.