How To: Editing for Journalism & Media Publications

Was previously Managing Editor of a student newspaper that garnered 600,000 views on average per year (aka 50,000 views/month), as well as part of an editing committee for a prominent educational institute's official alumni publication/magazine.

I've been editing articles since 2015 and possess over two years of editing experience with specialties in the following subjects areas environment, education, social commentary. I've edited a variety of articles types, ranging from op-eds to commentary to food/performance reviews, 60+ articles to be exact.

I then worked a brief stint as an investigative reporter investigating an underground market in Singapore.

Willing to teach others the ropes of editing and give you some inside scoops on what journalism entails as a career. In exchange, would love to learn about the finance industry/financial markets (am a complete amateur when it comes to that).