Physical Geography (+ dissertations)

Having graduated with a First Class Degree in Geography from the University of Oxford (74%) in 2016, I am able to teach a range of geography modules. My specialisms include:
- climate dynamics, processes, and modelling
- climate variability
- African climate science
- climate impacts and adaptations
- dryland geomorphology
- environmental geography
- interdisciplinary geographic research
- dissertation / extended essay support (see below)

If you want to know if I can help you, then just send me a message and I will let you know! I split my time between Oxford, London and Sheffield.

I am also able to offer assistance with writing up dissertations and extended essays. My own dissertation achieved one of the highest marks in the history of geography at the university of Oxford (92%). I was subsequently awarded a number of academic prizes by the university, the UK Met Office and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). Among these was the Royal Geographical Society's prestigious Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize, awarded for the top geography dissertation in the UK

I currently work as an environmental research consultant for Eunomia Research & Consulting. I have published a range of reports, including 'Rethinking Waste Crime', which was subsequently presented to Parliament in May 2017.

Education: University of Oxford