Programming tutor for Undergraduates

I have programmed, taught and mentored multiple students extensively in my senior year of undergraduate education. I received great reviews from most people. I have coded in multiple languages and should be able to help you with multiple programming problems or errors. I will however not solve assignments or write programs for you, and will only provide guidance regarding them.

I have programmed competitively on multiple online coding platforms, hackerrank being one of them. I am ranked in the 95th percentile in the world there.

Also, please check-out my GitHub account to gauge my programming skills.

I am generally very friendly and am known to explain stuff in a high-level overview without bombarding people with details, so I guess that should help.

Leave a message in-case you want any help. The charge in 10GBP/hr and I generally don't do sessions longer than an hour. I'm open for both Skype and onsite sessions.

Well leave a message for me and I'll reply ASAP then.

Education: University of Oxford